Fernando Reza - #3 of 3

This is the last of three posters adapted from a Chumash Valley High School yearbook Fernando designed - you can get a look at the complete artwork here on his site.  

In his own words:

"What first struck me about Chronicle was the way it mixed something as fantastic as superpowers and combined it with something as mundane as high school in a very straightforward realistic way. I liked how it merged the extraordinary and the ordinary and I wanted to approach this project the same way."

"I decided to design a faux year book cataloging a year at Chumash Valley High School. The look of the prints are very much inspired by mid century modern designers in particular Saul Bass and the work of Mary Blair. The pages of the yearbook cover everything from Chumash Valley Football, Spirit Week."

Fernando Reza - #2 of 3

Fernando Reza - #1 of 3

Matt Ferguson - #3 of 3

"When watching the trailer for Chronicle it struck me straight away that a Manga inspired piece of artwork would really work for a film poster. So I took my inspiration from films such as Akira and tried to create some exciting, dynamic images in my own style, adding in a slightly retro element."

"I wanted to show the isolation that would occur to a teenager if they were bestowed with super human powers, which is why I chose to concentrate on just one figure using his powers, possibly irresponsibly."

Matt Ferguson - #2 of 3

Marko Manev - #3 of 3

"When I saw the trailer for “Chronicle” I immediately got hooked to the story because it asks the age-old geek question “what comes with great power?” , what happens when you become aware of what you are capable of? And that is the fundamental point whether one chooses to use their abilities for good or for evil."

"From what I saw in the trailer I tried to extract the essence of the story and present it with silhouettes. I love using silhouettes because they are simple and yet powerful forms of expression. Anyone can relate to them. They could be you, me or anyone else. Anyone can ask themselves “What am I capable of?” and hopefully choose the right path."